Can you Wear High Heels while Riding a Motorcycle

Can you Wear High Heels while Riding a Motorcycle?

High heels are something that gives pleasure with pain. Right? The pain you get from high heels differs from the situation, the type of heels you are wearing, and your state of movement.

Now, can you wear high heels while riding a motorcycle? Might be it is the first thing that spins in your head while you are planning to go out on a date with your loved one on a motorcycle, or maybe you want to enjoy the sweet breeze on a ride with high heels.
Let’s clear it out with a few practical insights.

Why you shouldn’t wear high heels while riding a motorcycle?

If it’s only you, who are planning for a solo ride, then it’s safe to wear flat rather than high heels.

Can you Wear High Heels while Riding a Motorcycle

In flat shoes, I would say go with sneakers. Sneakers fit best for any sporty activities. And riding a motorcycle is a kind of that.
Things you will suffer while riding a motorcycle on your own are as follows,

  1. It’s really uncomfortable to stand on your heels at every signal.
  2. In an emergency stop, you may fall down your motorcycle as you can’t be able to control the motorcycle immediately when you are wearing high heels. It can adaptive, but still, a little chance exists here that you are inviting potential problems.
  3. It will be harder for you to give your motorcycle a full stand when you are in high heels. In this case, you need to generate more pressure, and that will exaggerate through your heels. Therefore, there are huge chances that your sticky high heels will get unbalanced, and you may fall down.
  4. In many motorcycles, you need to press the gear by your heel. And with high heels, it would be very uncomfortable to complete this job.

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Can you Wear High Heels while Riding a Motorcycle as a passenger?

The answer here stands for yes. You can wear high heels while riding a motorcycle as a passenger.

But here are also a few conditions that apply. Wear Kitten heels when you are sitting on a motorcycle as a passenger if you really want to wear heels.
Why kitten heels?

Because most motorcycles have a flat for passengers to keep their feet comfortably. So, in this situation, with high heels, you will find little trouble. It will keep on slipping, and you can’t generate the required grip by your feet that comfortably.

But motorcycles that have only a single stick for a passenger to place their feet, then you can comfortably use it with your high heels. But here, make sure the stick of your high heels isn’t touching any other part of the motorbike. Or you aren’t keeping it in the exhaust pipe.


So, in the conclusion, the whole story in a single is that you are good to go to wear high heels if you are riding it as a passenger, and the motorbike is designed that way that you are not facing any issues with high heels. Else you can try different types of high heels that are not that high and may fit you at this time.

But when you are riding the motorcycle on your own, don’t go with high heels. The result could be totally unexpected.

Hope you like this post. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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